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Changes between version 0.2.1 and 0.1.2
All new look. Cleaner, better, and much cooler. TVEz now comes with different
Multi language support. Current languages are English and German.
 We are looking for people to help us out with translating TVEz into
 different languages. Refer to README.LANGUAGES for instructions about how
 to add a new language to TVEZ.
User login feature. Users are allowed to start movies and shows and manage the
 playlist and administrators can add and modify the TVEz configuration, add
 and mocify movies and shows, and manage user accounts. Completely configurable
 profile settings. People who are not logged in, can still view TVEz.
User preference have been integrated. The user can now set his own preferences
 to his/her liking.
Preferred view settings.
Lots of statistics and info about your collection, including the Top 10, the
 most frequent actors, directors, writer, genres, most watched and new release.
Added graphs and bar charts of the statistics, showing the distribution of the
 movies by year, runtime, genres, language, country, etc.
Added the complete cast listing from IMDB, including the parts played by the
 different actors.
Changed search string for images in imdb_lib.pl to adjust for changes by IMDB.
Changed search string for writers in imdb_lib.pl to adjust for changes by IMDB.

Changes between version 0.1.2 and 0.1.1
The IMDB search has changed slightly and mutiple matches were not found anymore.
 This has been fixed.
Made the runtime matching better during the IMDB search
Fixed the year in the update_movies script
Added a version check to the TVEz front page so users will be aware of updates
When a movie was edited the number of times it has been played and the rating was
 lost. This has been fixed and these values can now also be manually adited.
Noticed that there is a problem with leading zeros in the ID on the mysql
 version (3.23.54) of SF. Re-added the prepending of the zeros to the IDs
 I am running 4.0.15
Removed the image extension. It still exists in the database, but it not used
 anymore. Instead, the directory is searched for the image with any extension.
 I did this because, first, there is really no need to store the extension,
 except for speed, and second, because the large image could have a different
 extension than the small image
Added the amazon search for movie images. The large image is always retrieved
 from Amazon, the small image is retrieved only if there is no image on IMDB.
 There is a script inside the admin/ directory, called amazon_images, that will
 go through the existing movies and add missing images.

Changes between version 0.1.1 and 0.1.0
Added a movie info link to the play list
Movie administration from the browser including system search
Adding and deleting movies from the browser
Recursive directory searches for the movies
The number of times a movie has been played is stored in the db
Nice movie home page with top ten, most played, and new releases
When a vote is cast, the page does not change to the single movie view.
 This way, several movies can be voted on at the same time.
Shows will check of the season is a directory and not list it otherwise
Removed the 'all' seasons, just leave the field blank if you want shows
 to read the directories in the $showpath. Will also list the files in 
 the root of the directory, even if other directories are found.
Made overall improvements to the update_movies script. The script now offers
 a bigger selection of possible matches and let's you skip movies.

Changes between version 0.1.0 and 0.0.3
Fixed bugs getting ready for the initial SourceForge release
Capitilized all global variables
Shows configurator provides optional season anchors and top-frame short cuts
Complete installation instructions added to INSTALL
Added AKA, and fixed cast listing and double writer bugs.
Provided adequate default config files that are placed during the install
Removed the reference to login, and replaced with clear and search buttons
Login feature is planned for future releases
In admin/ update_movies script accepts -v for verbosity.
Checking for config variable validity in update_movies
Releasing project on SourceForge. Please use tvez.sf.net to report bugs

Changes between version 0.0.3 and 0.0.2
Added timeouts to the server connection to fix the playlist and volume updates
Uses new, nicer buttons in the player
Includes a logging button in the config to turn on/off server logging
Added a FAQ to help users debug any problems they might have
Added the help menu to the TVEz server
Added the multiple play feature to the server

Changes between version 0.0.2 and 0.0.1
Uses xine_server to control xine over the xine-remote
Added the player, volume control, and playlist feature
Show listing configurator introduced
Image tags for the picture-only view are configurable in TVEz config.

Version 0.0.1
Works with the ssh method and some simple tv_server for xine
Uses different pages for show listings
Requires permissions on the sound to be assinged to user 'tv'
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