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TVEz 0.2.1 Released
September 13th, 2004
TVEz version 0.2.1 has been released with tons of new features, such as multi-language support, themes and preferences, user login feature to control access levels, and tons of statistics about your movie collection. Check out our demo.

TVEz - Media Library - is a browser-based system to manage and play movies, shows, and video clips stored on local or remote file systems.

New Features in 0.2.1:

  • New Look: cleaner, better, and much cooler
  • Multi-Language Support (currently English and German) and you can easily add your own language
  • Themes and preference settings. Make your own theme!
  • As requested: User Login feature to control access levels
  • Movie Statistics page with lots of info about your collection
  • Top 10, most watched movies, most frequent directors, actors, writers, and lots more...
  • Complete cast listing with actors names and the characters they play


  • Searches configured directories for video files
  • Configuable to accept any file extension
  • Web-based control to Xine
  • Allows play, pause, stop, skip, seek, fast-forward and quit
  • Integrated playlist with add/delete and clear functions
  • Full volume control with mute/unmute
  • Uses IMDB to retrieve movie information and pictures
  • Retrieves large cover images from Amazon
  • Stores movie information in MySQL
  • Fully searchable by director, writers, actors, titles, etc.
  • Lists directories with video files (no databases)
  • Customizable shortcuts for tv shows organized by seasons
  • TV show season links and 'Play All' button
  • Movie rating system to mark favorites
  • Automatically checks for software updates
  • and more...

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